Favorite Skincare Products


  1. Garnier Micellar Water- After learning about this product from various YouTube beauty gurus and I knew I had to try it!  It only took a single use of this product for it to become an essential. A simple squeeze onto a cotton round allows me to cleanly removed my makeup with ease! (even my waterproof mascara!)  I use this product daily, only to be substituted with an Almay Makeup Remover Pad.
  2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Sleeping Cream- I received this lotion in a set for Christmas in 2015 and have been using it ever since. I especially love this cream  during the winter months when my face needs extra moisture. This light, but effective cream is part of my evening ritual after a quick cleanse.
  3. Origins Charcoal Mask- I have super sensitive skin, and when I say super sensitive, I truly mean it...I've had break outs even after using what are advertised as fragrance free products! This mask works wonders and keeps my skin clear. I use it once a week to give my face a good cleanse and refresh it after a weeks of continuous makeup wear.
  4. Noxzema Cleanser- Out of all the products I have here, this is the one I've been using the longest. I keep this face wash in my shower and usually rotate it with the Boscia and First Aid Beauty cleanser.
  5. Boscia Cleanser- In my opinion, this face wash seems to be the most gentle of the three I have listed here. I gravitate towards this one when my skin is calm and I need to quick cleaning to remove my makeup before bed.
  6. Boscia Eye Mask- I keep these gel eye masks in my fridge and use them when I find my eyes are a bit puffy (or I didn't have a good sleep). I leave them on for 15 minutes  before starting my morning routine; they're magical! Once time is up, I rub the remaining gel on my eyes and apply my makeup as usual. I don't use these daily, but they get the job done when I needed.
  7. Almay Makeup Remover Pads- I will only use these at night because of how oily they are, but they work fantastic and are a cheaper alternative to other eye makeup removers.
  8. Biore Pore Strips- If you haven't ever used a Biore pore strip, you're missing out!  I usually use the pore strips once a week, although if my skin is clear I may skip a week. The strips are a fabulous product to remove pesky blackheads. As much as it's is a little gross seeing all the dirt, it certainly is satisfying knowing the product is up to the tough job.
  9. First Aid Beauty Cleanser- I initially received a travel size version of this face wash two years ago in a set and I've been hooked ever since; the last drop wan't even gone before I replenished! Although the product goes a long , I'm on my third full size bottle! That in itself should be a strong endorsement for this terrific cleanser!

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