Snow Day

Woke up to some great news today... a snow day! As much as I'm ready for spring time so I can break out my shorts and sandals, mother nature had some different plans for us all in upstate NY today. I'll be the first to admit I'm not the biggest fan of cold weather but this is my favorite outfit I've been wearing this winter to stay warm while still looking cute. I wore my favorite white sweater with a collared shirt underneath this since I was going out but you can wear whatever is most comfortable.

I bundled up in this puffer coat from J. Crew that I got for Christmas and my favorite Hunter boots. I love the length of this coat, it's long enough to cover my butt but not too long either. I wore my Hunter boots socks with my boots to keep my feet a little warmer and it also helps when they look good too.

I got this hat for Christmas as well and probably get the most use out of it out of everything I'm wearing in this outfit. It keeps my head and my ears warm during the colder days but I don't find myself getting overheated. I also love this scarf I'm wearing, it's super big and soft so it keeps me extra cozy on days like this. I tend to gravitate more towards mittens because they also keeps my hands warmer than when I wear gloves. These mittens are also a little longer so I don't need to worry about getting snow on my wrists if my coat moves.