Graduation Party

As I am sure everyone knows I graduated from high school this past June and I am attending SUNY Oneonta in the fall. To celebrate this momentous event I had my graduation party a couple of weeks ago with two of my good friends from high school. I had my party with Dan (on the right) and Andrew (on the left). Dan is attending HVCC to get a business degree to continue with his lawn and landscaping business, and Andrew will be attending Stonehill College to major in marketing and psychology. 

Thanks to our amazing and hardworking parents we pretty much got everything we could have asked for at our party. Personally, my #1 request was a candy bar, and that definitely did not disappoint (see pictures below).

What I'm wearing

Love these fabulous cookies? Follow @cookiesbycourtney on Instagram! Not only did we have graduation caps and 2017's at the party but we also each had personalized cookies for our tables that had our pictures displayed. Dan had DC Lawn Care cookies, Andrew had baseballs, and I had monogram cookies! Thank you, Mom :)

Monogram cookies I was talking about ^^^^

As well as a candy bar we also had a popcorn bar with various seasonings and toppings which were a hit!

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  1. Cool enough! Your graduation party is as lovely as ours. It was a lovely treat few months back. Exciting day with some emotions as well. One of the budgeted and a high rated event space was hired by my friend for the tasty luncheon. Cherished our college memories with music later. Bought same pens and paper weights with names printed on them for all.