Casual Weekend Outfit

Woohoo, we're back! My apologies to anyone who tried to access the blog the past two days, as you may have known from my Instagram post I was having some technical problems, but I think I have it all squared away now. As I'm sure you can all tell now from the longevity of my blog I absolutely love using this as a creative outlet where I can share everything I love with all of you. On the other hand, the technical aspect of running a website isn't my strong suit so I had to call in some help, hence the delay. I'm just going to add this to the long list of things I've learned from running my own blog and keep moving forward!

Now let's get to the fun stuff... I tend to post a lot of dressier outfits on my blog because cmon, who doesn't like playing dress up!? But for today I wanted to share a more casual, everyday kind of look that I'd wear to class during the week, on weekends and pretty much any other time. I knew as soon as I took this sweater out of the box that I was going to love it. It's a thick, super good quality sweater that kept me fairly warm considering the temperature outside when I was taking these pictures. Now onto my favorite part of this outfit... the shoes! The color of these shoes just make me think of the holiday season and the bow on them is just the cherry on top. If you plan on ordering them they definitely run true to size and I got them in a size 8 which is what I generally always get in shoes. I linked all the pieces of my outfit below and you can get the sweater for 30% off right now with the code "BUNDLEUP"

Meet my lil friend I made while I was taking pictures! How cute is he??

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