Christmas Outfit

       Christmas is officially less than a week! I feel like this holiday season went particular fast for me as a result of me being away at school, and all of a sudden it's here! I took my last final yesterday and now I'm home until mid-January (woohoo!). I'm gonna use the rest of this week off to get the last of my presents for my family and do any other holiday preparation.
     Since we're now only 4 days away from Christmas Eve I'm sharing my final Christmas outfit with you all. I found this super fun, almost metallic looking pants from Old Navy and I was immediately sold. I have these pants in a couple other colors and patterns, but due to their super bright colors and that they hit me right above the ankle I usually just wore them over the summer. These are longer and are definitely a better choice if you live in the North East like me. For shoes, I wore these super affordable red velvet heels from Target (I love Target shoes!), which seemed like the perfect fit for a holiday-themed outfit.
       The coat I'm wearing is under $60! I would go as far to say that this coat is a tiny bit out of my "fashion comfort zone", but I think I'm really feeling it now. It actually really reminded me of an older Kate Spade Coat that I saw on some bloggers in the past, but of course is a fraction of that price. This fur color is also detachable so it can be dressed down too if you want a little more of a casual coat. As for the shirt I really really like I would recommend going a size up. It didn't really fit me as a crop top like the name says it is and I'm 5' 5" so just keep that in mind if you decide to order.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great Christmas with your families!

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