January Favorites

1. Marc Jacbos liquid lipctick- technically this is called the "Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Creme", but I consider it more of a liquid liptick with a shine. I love the trend of lip glosses coming back, but I honestly don't like it on myself. Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Creme is the perfect balance between matte liquid lipsticks and lip gloss. There are two color I have been enjoying for an everyday look, slow burn, and hot cocoa. Wearing liquid lipstick all day during the winter months can dry my lips so this is a nice alternative.

2. Anastsia eyeshadow palette- Prior to buying this palette this past month it has been over a year since I've gotten new eyeshadow. I usually go for simple looks and use the same palette for long periods of time. But, on a recent trip to Sephora I saw this palette on sale! Unfortuantely the sale has ended, but it is defintely worth the price. My go-to look with these colors has been dawn all ove rmy lid and up to my brow bone, roxy and all star in my crease and then adorn on my lid.

3. One Second Everyday app- At the start of 2018 I saw Carly The Prepster mentioned this app. The apps asks users to to take a quick video each day and after a chosen period of time, the app creates a compilation video. I try to record daily, but no one’s perfect, right? Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing my video and I’ll add it to another favorites post.

4. Navy New Balance Sneakers- Santa surprised me with a pair of New Balance sneakers and they have become an instant  athleisure outfits staple. They’re simple but they’re a terrific asset to my closet. These awesome shoes have been paired flawlessly with the navy J. Crew leggings featured last month.

5. Grammy winners 2018 Spotify playlist- My Spotify playlist contains a wide array of new, amazing songs; so much so I had a challenging time paring down my favorites. I absolutely loved the Grammy winners and the spotify playlist. It’s fun to listen to and has such a wide range of music.

6. UNUM- For those who don’t know UNUM is an app where to can used to plan out your instagram posts and plan a theme. I’ve been utilizing this app for a couple of months yet I haven’t  fully utilized all it has to offer, until this month. Most of my blog photos are shot at home with opposed to school, so it is essential to carefully schedule posts along with Instagram posts that correlate with the blog.

7. Konmari folding method- This is a strange post addition, but it truly is a favorite! It’s a bit difficult to clearly explained all I learned here, so I’ve added a link for those of you whose curiosity is piqued.  Living in a dorm room limits my storage space and this folding method has enabled me to organize my belongings effectively and as an added bonus, it’s pleasing to the eye!

8. Black puffer coat- I absolutely could not get through winter without this coat! Walking to class in the snow is not my choice of ideal living, but at the moment it’s a necessity. This puffy coat is made more stylish with a matching belt helping to cut down on the boxy appearance many coats cause.  

9. Kate Spade iphone card holder- This is another college ESSENTIAL! Everyone has a  cardholder on the back of their phones for essential identification. Rubber card holders stretch or rip over time, but this leather version is not only adorable, its highly functional.

10. It Cosmetics brush no. 108- I’ve been using many of the same makeup brushes from Real Techniques for many years so I thought it was time for an upgrade. I love this brush and the flawless finish it leaved on my skin. This brush is not only soft, it’s also the perfect size.

Classic Plaid

      Lately, I've been making an effort to mostly spend my money on clothes I know won't go out of style in a month or two. The increase in fast fashion has resulted in a more and more new arrivals in even smaller windows of time. As a consumer, this is all very tempting when you see new clothing coming out of your favorite store every few weeks, but this isn't good for my wallet. When I saw this skirt I knew this was something I could see myself wearing for a lot of years and multiple seasons throughout the year. I combined it with some of my essentials I already had and I created an outfit I knew I had to share with you all!

My Pick's: Sweater Edition

      I was planning on publishing a post with this outfit a while back, but due to high demand the sweater was sold out before I even had a chance. I thought it would be a great idea to instead share with you all a bunch of sweaters I love, especially turtlenecks! Every year after Christmas I get so tired of the cold and the snow, but to make the most of it some cute sweaters are very necessary. For the most part a sweater and jeans are my go to outfit for going to class becuase it enables me to look more put together while still super comfortable. Here are all the sweater's I'm loving right now!

Skincare Routine

      I've received a couple of messages about my skin care, so here we go! I've always had super sensitive skin and I'm prone to allergic reactions to even the most basic face washes such as Neutrogena and Clean and Clear. That being said, you may benefit from this regime whether you have sensitive skin or not! I use a combination of drug store brands and half higher end face products, which fit my lifestyle as well as my current limited budget as a student. I split up my routine into two parts for you all to read, so you get the best sense of it all.


Cleanser: The first thing I do in the morning, after I brush my teeth, is wash my face. I use fragrance free face wash, generally either Noxzema or First Aid Beauty. I highly recommend both of these products and have had wonderful experiences with both.

Serum: Last spring I added Vitamin C serum to my morning routine and I'm completely in love with it now. I typically use one from Drunk Elephant, but I'll link some less expensive substitutes that work great in the event you too are budget conscious. I find the vitamin C brightens my skin in the morning and allows me makeup free days more frequently.

Moisturize: Moisturizer is an undervalued essential for women of all ages, especially in the winter. In the morning I use a lighter Cetaphil lotion which allows me to apply my makeup more easily; everything blends more easily and gives me a more natural appearance.


Remove eye makeup: My night time routine generally begins with Garnier Micellar Water and some. cotton rounds to remove stubborn mascara as well as eye makeup my cleanser would leave behind. I am easily able to remove mascara without abrasion, tugging or scrubbing all without oily residue. This product is a miracle worker and I highly recommend it above any other product mentioned here.

Cleanser: After using micellar water, I wash my face with a charcoal face wash. It has a little bit of a cooling and tingly sensation which I like since it clears out my pores.

Moisturize: I use a heavier night cream in the evening opposed to the light moisturizer I use in the morning. My two favorites are First Aid Beauty Night Cream and the Drunk Elephant whipped cream. I love how easy it is to dispense the Drunk Elephant cream, you just press on the top and it comes out in the middle. This method is far more sanitary than dipping a finger into the jar.

Masks: I try to incorporate a face mask into my night routine and/or do a Biore pore strip to give my skin a revival once a week. I've had great success with Sephora sheet masks, Origins charcoal face mask, Glamglow face mask and the Boscia black charcoal peel off mask. I switch up the products based on how my skin is feeling and what I think it needs.

Spot treatment: Mario Badescu drying lotion is a fabulous product to use on any areas I may be breaking out on. I apply the lotion with a Q-tip and dab it into the affected areas. I have found a drastic reduction in inflammation when I use drying lotion before bed.

Pink and Navy OOTD

      Finally, some warmer temperatures enabled me to shoot some outdoor pictures this past weekend.  While online shopping, this cute navy skirt caught my eye on Asos. Those of you have been following me for a little while know that navy is my favorite neutral color and the addition of pearls only makes it better. To keep the outfit simple, I wore a basic pink J. Crew v-neck sweater, but I'd definitely recommend a button down collar shirt to dress this look up a bit. As always, I provided links for all the clothing as well as accessories below.

Huge thanks to my very patient boyfriend Matt for taking all these pictures; you're the best!

The Perfect Pearl Beret

      Hi everyone! It feels as though it's been forever since I've posted a new outfit.  The combination of the post-Christmas blues along with with the negative 15 degree temperatures in Upstate NY have been killing me. Although it's certainly not warm yet, it has warmed up enough for me to take some pictures. This is without a doubt one of my favorite posts; I just I love how the pictures turned out.

      Each of the components of this outfit can be dressed up or dressed down which has me so pleased with this outfit. The sweatshirt is a purchase from my latest visit to New York City. It's shown with  my favorite pink collared shirt that has been in my closet for years. The versitile navy could be paired with any color and look great. I'm also wearing my new tan coat and I've been wearing it non stop. The combination of the coat with a scarf and gloves has kept warm through this long cold spell.

Best Sales Of The Weekend + My Picks

Happy weekend everyone! A wide variety of my favorite stores are having sales this weekend to kick off the new year. I'm here to share with you all of the best and my favorites from each. I know lots of people are looking for the best sales to spend some of their money and gift cards on from the holidays so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I'm personally going to head to the mall this weekend to try and shop some of these sales in person, so I'll be sure to share what I get on my Instagram stories. Happy shopping to everyone and as always, thanks for reading!

Tory Burch // Extra 30% off select with the code EXTRA30 

J. Crew // Extra 50% off select sale items with code SALEONSALE

Serena and Lily // Up to 70% off select

Ann Taylor // Extra 50% off select with code REFRESH

Express // Up to 70% off select

Macy's // Extra 20% off with code WKND

December Favorites

1. High rise leggings- December brought final exams for all college students and therefore comfort was a must! I wore leggings daily, but I was particularly loving the high waisted style this season. My absolute favorite pairs were from J. Crew and Lululemon due to the high quality material, the fabulous fit and the style.

2. Moroccan oil- This is, without a doubt, the holy grail product for my hair. December is the start of the truly frigid weather which brings dry indoor air. This undeniable duo causes my hair to be uncooperative at times leaving it drier and a bit brittle. To counter this, I massage a small amount into my hair, particularly the ends, which keeps it soft and less frizzy.

3. Turtlenecks- Tissue turtlenecks, chunky knit turtlenecks, you name it, I've been loving it. Naturally my initial attraction is the style, but with our latest cold spell in the northeast, the warmth is undeniable. Most turtlenecks can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion so go ahead and pairs yours with leggings, dress pants, and even jeans.

4. Day designer- My day designer is quite honestly my pride and joy. I have this baby decked out with stickers and have it expertly color-coded. My planner is at my side year round but came in especially handy finals week followed by the craze of the holiday season. The style I currently use is broken down hourly which allowed me to expertly manage my hectic schedule this past December.

5. Barilla microwave macaroni- I'm not exactly proud to announce I allowed this into my diet, but in a pinch I was able to quickly fulfill my hunger and get back to my work with this microwave meal. Dorm living limits food storage as well as preparation, but this is a nice alternative to Ramen. I would highly recommend this choice to college students.

6. Lululemon yoga mat- Although this mat may be considered pricey compared to other brands, I can personally guarantee it is worth every cent. Ttraditional mats often leave your feet slowly slipping from underneath you leaving you feeling a bit unsteady in a pose, not this mat. I use this mat mostly for BBG workouts, yoga, and hot yoga. In the month of December I fit in BBG workouts which worked an an incredible stress reliever.

7. Music- There is nothing like a selection of fabulous Christmas music to put me in the holiday spirit in December. In addition to the holiday tune, I enjoyed Sam Smith's new album, Ed Sheran's Duet with Beyonce and a lot of Post Malone.

8. Hunter rain boots- Invariable December brought snow which in the earlier weeks of the month thankfully melted quickly leaving behind a mess slush. This called for my Hunter rain boots. I have a navy pair as well as a red pair which I alternate depending on my outfit, The cooler temperatures simply mean the addition of my Hunter cable knit socks for warmth and style.

9. JBL speaker- Post graduation I was the lucky winner of this speaker and I've used it practically every day since. This speaker has a compact size, but don't be fooled, the sound is incredible!

10. Essie nail polish in Mrs. Always Right- Being a college student on a budget doesn't allow me to go to the nail salon regularly so at home manicures are the way to go. Essie nail polish is definitely my brand. I find the polish keeps its fresh appearance longer and chips less. I especially loved the color "Mrs. Always Right" this month.

11. Urban decay velvetizer- I can not rave enough about how amazing this product is. Run, don't walk to Sephora to get your own! I never thought I could love a setting powder as much as this, but it is just amazing. Urban decay velvetizer gives my makeup a flawless finish that lasts throughout the day. It has completely replaced my once beloved Laura Mercier setting powder and I haven't looked back since.

12. Cetaphil lotion- Not to give TMI or but I often struggle with eczema in the winter.  Not only is the eczema a challenge, I also struggle with having super sensitive skin so I'm limited with my lotion options, especially any lotion with a fragrance. I find Cetaphil is super moisturizing and never irritates my skin.