January Favorites

1. Marc Jacbos liquid lipctick- technically this is called the "Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Creme", but I consider it more of a liquid liptick with a shine. I love the trend of lip glosses coming back, but I honestly don't like it on myself. Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Creme is the perfect balance between matte liquid lipsticks and lip gloss. There are two color I have been enjoying for an everyday look, slow burn, and hot cocoa. Wearing liquid lipstick all day during the winter months can dry my lips so this is a nice alternative.

2. Anastsia eyeshadow palette- Prior to buying this palette this past month it has been over a year since I've gotten new eyeshadow. I usually go for simple looks and use the same palette for long periods of time. But, on a recent trip to Sephora I saw this palette on sale! Unfortuantely the sale has ended, but it is defintely worth the price. My go-to look with these colors has been dawn all ove rmy lid and up to my brow bone, roxy and all star in my crease and then adorn on my lid.

3. One Second Everyday app- At the start of 2018 I saw Carly The Prepster mentioned this app. The apps asks users to to take a quick video each day and after a chosen period of time, the app creates a compilation video. I try to record daily, but no one’s perfect, right? Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing my video and I’ll add it to another favorites post.

4. Navy New Balance Sneakers- Santa surprised me with a pair of New Balance sneakers and they have become an instant  athleisure outfits staple. They’re simple but they’re a terrific asset to my closet. These awesome shoes have been paired flawlessly with the navy J. Crew leggings featured last month.

5. Grammy winners 2018 Spotify playlist- My Spotify playlist contains a wide array of new, amazing songs; so much so I had a challenging time paring down my favorites. I absolutely loved the Grammy winners and the spotify playlist. It’s fun to listen to and has such a wide range of music.

6. UNUM- For those who don’t know UNUM is an app where to can used to plan out your instagram posts and plan a theme. I’ve been utilizing this app for a couple of months yet I haven’t  fully utilized all it has to offer, until this month. Most of my blog photos are shot at home with opposed to school, so it is essential to carefully schedule posts along with Instagram posts that correlate with the blog.

7. Konmari folding method- This is a strange post addition, but it truly is a favorite! It’s a bit difficult to clearly explained all I learned here, so I’ve added a link for those of you whose curiosity is piqued.  Living in a dorm room limits my storage space and this folding method has enabled me to organize my belongings effectively and as an added bonus, it’s pleasing to the eye!

8. Black puffer coat- I absolutely could not get through winter without this coat! Walking to class in the snow is not my choice of ideal living, but at the moment it’s a necessity. This puffy coat is made more stylish with a matching belt helping to cut down on the boxy appearance many coats cause.  

9. Kate Spade iphone card holder- This is another college ESSENTIAL! Everyone has a  cardholder on the back of their phones for essential identification. Rubber card holders stretch or rip over time, but this leather version is not only adorable, its highly functional.

10. It Cosmetics brush no. 108- I’ve been using many of the same makeup brushes from Real Techniques for many years so I thought it was time for an upgrade. I love this brush and the flawless finish it leaved on my skin. This brush is not only soft, it’s also the perfect size.

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