My Everyday Makeup Routine

        Hi all! I'm here today to finally share with you all my current everyday makeup routine. When I say "everyday" I really mean the days that I do wear makeup. As a college student, sometimes makeup just doesn't happen for me, but on most days this is what I wear. I do enjoy makeup and applying it so I do wear full coverage foundation, concealer etc. With that being said, all these products feel super light weigh on my face so it doesn't feel heavy/caky at all. 
       Although I am a bit of a makeup junky I encourage you all to go bare faced sometimes to give your skin a break and a chance to really breathe. Makeup was an amazing invention to accentuate some of your features, but you should never feel like you're completely trying to change yourself. There really is nothing more important than being comfortable in your own skin. There's really no way to word all of that without sounding extremely corny (I tried!). Just thought it was an important thought to add in to this post.  

Before! #barefaced

I always feel so glamorous when I get ready in this robe! "Early bird" may be a bit of exaggeration when it comes to describing me in the morning, but it certainly motivates me!

1. Prime- This is one step that I actually skipped for a really long time. Over time I have learned the importance of primer. Not only does my makeup go on so much smoother, but it also stays on a lot longer. I apply this all over my face and depending on what I'm doing that day I'll use a different one. I really like the Marc Jacobs one for everyday wear and when I'm trying to me more matte I'll go for the Benefit pore-fessional. I'm also on the hunt for a great drugstore primer. If you know of any or have one that you use, let me know!

2. Foundation- LISTEN UP! This is my favorite product I will talk about in this post... Clinique foundation. I freakin' love this stuff so much and I've got so many people in my life hooked on it as well. It has amazing coverage and blends so so well. Prior to using this I never used high end foundation because that seemed like such an investment to me. While it definitely comes at a higher price point, it really does last me longer than any drug store foundation I've used. Since it's so full coverage I don't need to use a lot of it to get smooth looking skin. Right now I'm using it in the color "ivory."

3. Blend: I blend both my foundation and concealer with a Beauty Blender, which I finds gives the most flawless finish. I alternate between using an actual Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques sponge. I'm currently using a beauty blender in my routine because I was recently gifted one, but usually I strictly use the Real Techniques sponge. Another reason to go for the cheaper option is becuase I regularly replace them. If you use the same sponge for a long time it can get pretty gross and cause you to break out.

4. Conceal: Just like so many other makeup lovers, I use the Tarte Shape Tape for my concealer. This has pretty much the same exact applicator as the foundation I use! This is bigger than almost all of other concealers I've aquired and it lasts me a long time.

5. Blend: Just blendin' some more!

6. Set: To make sure everything I've used so far is staying in place and not creasing I use my Urban Decay Velevtizer translucent powder. This powder tops the Laura Mercier powder by far and I've been obsessed with it ever since I saw Casey Holmes talk about it in one of her videos.

7. Bronze: If my foundation doesn't match me perfectly then I usually use a larger fluffy brush to put some bronzer on my neck so I don't have any foundation lines. It also is just the perfect color to give you a little healthy glow since we're all so pale around this time of year.

8. Contour: I use the same bronzer (Benefit Hula Bronzer) to contour my cheekbones. This isn't a step that gets done every single day but if I'm not in a rush then it's just a nice touch. I used to always find this step such a pain, but ever since I got this Nars brush contouring is so much easier. It allows you to be super exact with where you apply the powder, while it allows blends out the product really well if you applied too much.

9. Blush: This is the first makeup product I ever used! Just like I said with the bronzer, us Northeasterners are so pale this time of year and we could all use some color on our face. My favorite blushes are the Tarte amazonian clay blush and Milani. I always feel like I look ten times more awake after this step since it really wakes my face up.

10. Brows: I remember watching a Youtube video a couple of years ago where the Youtuber was talking about how she can't leave the house without doing her brows and I thought she was just crazy.  I don't use a pencil to fill them in on a daily basis because that makes the look a little to dramatic for my liking, but I do love a good tinted brow gel. My eyebrows can look a little crazy when I wake up in the morning so this just adds a nice tint and gets them all going in the same direction.

11. Mascara: Let me tell you, it is impossible to get a good picture of yourself while putting on mascara (you should all be thankful I didn't use the ones where my mouth was open and I was making the classic mascara face!). I always go back to the Benefit They're real mascara after trying any new mascara. This is one of the few I've tried that doesn't make it look like I have raccoon eyes by the end of the day. Additionally, it gives really nice length to my lashes while never making them look clumpy or spidery.

12. Lipstick: There are days when I just throw on some lip balm and that's good enough for me. On days I go for the full look 99% of the time it is liquid lipstick that I have on. Honestly, it's a bit crazy to think of a time I didn't wear liquid lipstick and only have lip gloss and traditional lipstick. I never really carry makeup in my backpack or purse to touch it up during the day so liquid lipstick is the way to go when it comes to long wear. The drugstore has been killing it with liquid lipstick lately and I really love the Wet n' Wild ones. If you want to spend a little extra I really like the ones by Stila and Anastasia.



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    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for reading! I have not tried that out but I will check out the link you provided. Have a great day!