Off The Shoulder For Spring

       Hi there! With some warm weather approaching the North East somewhat soon I thought it would be the perfect time to share this dress for springtime. I felt like especially in high school, once warm weather hits I need dresses like this for so many events I have going on. The fact that this dress was navy and white, and off the shoulder was enough to sell me. Also, it makes you want to twirl the second you put it on is just an added bonus (photo proof below)! Once summer arrives I love wearing super bright colored dresses that make your tan look ah-mazing, but for now, these colors are perfect for this time of year!
       I can't share this outfit with Y'all without talking about this crossbody! Just by looking at the outside of it, it appears to just be a normal purse, but when you open it it's actually a wallet! The straps of the purse are detachable if you want to just use it on its own as a clutch. Originally I bought it because I wanted a purse that was a fun color to wear with bland outfits, but I actually find myself using this all the time now!

Wanna know how to make your own fun gif like this? I use the animation feature on google photos, which allows you to select any pictures you want and then puts them together for you!

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