The Perfect Outfit For A Busy Gal

         I'm learning pretty quickly that this time of year for college students is extremely hectic and I feel like I have a huge paper or test in every class every week (Anyone want to assist in writing a couple of research papers? No? Didn't think so). Along with school work I've been applying for scholarships, internships and summer jobs. All of this has led to a lot of running around and outfits I know I'll be comfortable in. This look has absolutely fallen into this category and I wore this exact outfit this past Saturday. This may be hard to believe because of the heels I'm wearing, but I swear these are so comfortable. I am not a heels person in the least bit, you can normally find me in ballet flats or loafers. But, these honestly don't hurt my feet at all and the wider heel makes it really easy to walk.
        For the past three years I've pretty much exclusively been using my tan Longchamp purse with all my outfits, but lately, I've been trying to spice things up a little bit. This mint green clutch (my second favorite color!) caught my eye from afar in the Banana Republic store. When I got closer to it and noticed it also had scallops, so I was sold. The clutch has a little zipper pocket in the center of it, two open pockets on each side and a magnetic closure to make sure nothing is coming out. I really liked the magnetic closure because I was able to just throw some things into it and not worry about them falling out.


        Remember these shoes? I wore these so much this past fall and they felt like the perfect transition shoe for springtime too! And if we're being brutally honest, they also forced me to finally fix my pedicure from god knows how long ago after having my feet hidden in boots for the past couple of months. Yay for fresh pedicures!

        This trench coat is one of my all-time favorite things I have in my closet for a couple of reasons. 1. I bought this when the J. Crew Mercantile store in my town first opened up and I got it for $30! Yes, you read that correctly! They were having some crazy sales to attract new people to the store and I was able to combine so many discounts. 2. I feel so put together when I have this on and I feel like it elevates anything that I'm wearing. 3. It's my favorite type of thing to buy! What is my favorite type of thing to buy you ask? I love buying things that I know I will have and use for A LOT of years in the future. As I've mentioned briefly in some of my past blog posts I'm really trying to lower the number of fast fashion pieces I'm buying.

        If you want to mix things up with this shirt, you can tie it a couple of different ways!

          These dark wash jeans and all my other everyday jeans are from J. Crew Factory because I find they fit me really well. These jeans are perfect for me because I don't find they're too stretchy nor too tight. I know a lot of people are really into jeggings or just jeans that have a little more give to them, but when I wear those I find that just by the end of the day they're stretched out and I'm pulling them up every five minutes. I usually wear my jeans a couple of times before I wash them (they're clean, don't worry!). So if you're looking for budget-friendly and comfortable jeans, these would be perfect for you!

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