April Showers Bring May Flowers

        "April showers bring May flowers." There have certainly been showers lately, but much to my dismay they have mostly been snow showers. But, I knew I had to share an outfit with you all that is perfect for all those rainy days ahead. This striped rain coat is so unique and would be the perfect addition to your closet this spring. For around the past year, I've really found myself gravitating towards longer coats like this one. When you add it to your existing outfit I think it has a much more put together look, without the extra effort! I see this jacket being worn during finals week for me so I can add some brightness to that dreadful time!
      Other than this new coat, of course, everything in this outfit was things that I already own. I've really been focusing on purchasing good quality, essential pieces that I can use in endless outfits by just building off of them. Does that make sense? Haha! I think I'm going to write a whole blog post for you guys on this concept and what has really inspired this whole change.    

       I love the pinstripe details on the hood of this coat! If you wear the coat unzipped or have your hood up you can see them the best. It also happened to match my shirt which I didn't realize until right before I went to take these pictures.

        At this point, I'm not going to bore you by going on and on about my Hunter boots. Only thing I will say is how much they have gotten their money's worth, especially in the spring time!

         This was just a nice casual outfit for me so I stuck with my favorite accessories. First, is my sunglasses! If you were to ask me a couple of years ago how I feel about Ray Bans I would have probably told you that you were crazy if you thought I'd spend that much money on a pair for sunglasses. I used to be known for losing or sitting on my sunglasses way too often then I'd like to admit. I'm certainly changed now and these classic aviators are my babies!
        I love the way this KJP bracelet looks with my Daniel Wellington watch and I often find myself wearing them together. The gold on both looks perfect as a pair!

        I have found myself gravitating more towards my 1/2 inch to 1-inch curling wand lately instead of my 1 inch. I've had my wand for the past 4 years and it is still working great (not to mention it's just $20!). When I use the smaller wand I'm able to curl my hair in less than ten minutes. I use decent size pieces and hold them around the barrel for just 5 seconds. Afterward, I spray with hairspray, flip my hair once or twice and comb through with a wide tooth come. Voila, perfect curly hair in just 8 minutes!

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