How To Get A's On All Your Finals

      I hate to start this off on a disappointing note, but this shirt has sold out. Creating blog posts on outfits can get really difficult since things sell out so fast because stores turn there inventory basically every couple of weeks. Since I already took pictures of this outfit and everything else I'm wearing is still available I decided to still go ahead and post it for you all. Instead of linking this sold out shirt I found a handful of other eyelet shirts that I'm loving. I think eyelet is so beautiful and perfect for spring and summer!
       Since I felt like I couldn't fully deliver on this outfit post and why not? I'm including some of my best tips for tackling finals week. Last semester I didn't have a final in all my classes because in some I had an essay instead or something else in its place. This semester I didn't get quite as lucky so I am getting ready to prepare for five final tests and two final papers. Keep scrolling to see my top five tips!

1. Write down your grade goals- Before ANY of this you should get a piece of paper out and write down your goals. Now, of course, we all want A's on our tests but it is also key that you're realistic about these goals. Knowing you have a goal to hit rather just wanting to do "good" puts it all in perspective. I like to put this on a sticky note and hang it near my desk so I see it every day. You obviously aren't going to get that A if you skip studying that day so it will help keep you accountable.

2. Outlines & Flashcards- Depending on how much time I have to prepare for my tests I will make one or both of these. I make outlines by going through my notes, powerpoints posted online and the textbook. It really helps just to go through all the information that's going to be on the test and I feel like I retain a lot of information from doing this. After making an outline I usually use it to make flashcards. If I only have time to make one of these I always go with the flashcards. I usually quiz myself a couple times a day on these and whatever ones I don't know will be in my backpack or pocket for me to learn during the day.

3. Know when to give it a rest- I think we all get to a certain point where our brain is just fried and we aren't learning any more from our studying. I used to just try and ignore this so I could push through and learn more. No surprise here that this was not an effective tactic. If this happens to me during the day I like to go and take a break by doing some sort of cardio. This really gets my mind off it all and I actually find I feel more recharged after the fact. If it is at night I will probably just go to bed and wake up a little earlier in the morning to look it all over.

4. Utilize your planner- I could not be more attached to my planner all year round but it plays a special role in helping out around the time of finals. Before finals weeks even begins I go through and add when I have tests and papers due on the monthly calendar. Then, I flip to where it has my pages for each day (or the weekly spread most likely if you don't have a day designer). On my daily pages (like 2 or 3 weeks before) I write down how many days I have until each test. For example today in my notes section it said: 14 days until fashion paper is due, 15 days to geography final, 19 days to fashion final, etc. I almost feel like I have someone nagging me about all my tests every day when I see this, but sometimes that's just what you need!
        In my planner, it also breaks every day into the hours so you can schedule when you're doing what. I have found this section even more helpful since I've started college since I have so much less time in class and had to learn how to budget my time. What I do with this is write down when I am going to study what during each day. Now, this isn't a super strict thing that I make myself stress out over, but everything is just more likely to get done. Shop my planner HERE and get a free printable of my daily planning sheet HERE!

5. Talk to your professors- This can be on so many topics! If you're in a huge lecture hall there's a good chance your professor doesn't even know who you are. I'm not saying you'll automatically get a good grade but look at it from the perspective of the professor it makes sense. It probably makes it even easier for a teacher to grade your test or paper if they know who you are you (especially if you answer questions in class and look like you know your stuff!). I also really like to go to my teachers that assign final papers and see if they will read them before the due dates. Probably half of my professors will read a draft if I get it to them a week before the due date. And lastly, it just shows you care! I've definitely had a grade rounded up here and there because my professors knew I genuinely care and tried my best.

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