Summer Florals

         Generally speaking, for the most part, I associate floral patterns with springtime. Can this dress be the exception? I think so! The green color in this dress is actually one of my favorite colors. If you look closely at my logo, it's the same color! Bodycon dresses and dresses that are super tight all around intimidate me since I like to be a little more modest than that. I thought this dress did a great job of having shape to it, while also not being too tight. For refernce, I'm wearing a regular extra small in this dress.

       I got these espadrilles wedges last year from Target. They still make their way into tons of outfits this year when I'm in the mood to dress things up. My favorite part of them is that they zip in the back! Those lace-up shoes can be a pain to put on, but instead, I slip these right on and I'm good to go.

       I got these earrings last week when I bought my Memorial Day romper! I wear larger dangly earrings on a daily basis lately. Even though pink is my favorite color I only had one pink pair of earrings before, so I knew these had to come home with me!

      If you love dresses that make you want to twirl, this is the dress for you!

Memorial Day

       Happy Memorial Day everybody! I hope everybody had a wonderful day off and takes a moment throughout the busy day to think about what this is all about. Thank you x a million to those who have risked their lives to keep us and our country safe!
       If this isn't the perfect Memorial Day romper, I don't know what is! There aren't tons of sizes left sadly, but there are a bunch if you are petite! Other than the romper my whole outfit was pretty simple and perfect for a traditional bbq or pool party! I don't know if you would even notice if I didn't mention it, but I'm actually wearing my Fitbit with this outfit. I exchanged the band it came with, with a rose gold band so it blends well with the rest of my jewelry. The band is less than $10!

Sunshine & Ruffles

       One thing I wanted to make sure I was able to do this summer was getting the perfect work and blog balance. I have to say I think I've been doing a decent job so far. You can expect at least another two posts throughout this week and hopefully the same will go for next week. It's been a little while since I have had a beauty related post too, so I'd love to know what you'd like to read next week!    
       This outfit feels like the first official summer look I'm posting on the blog. This yellow top from Talbots screams sunshine and warm weather. If you like this top but aren't super into the color, it comes in 4 colors. The yellow color I'm wearing also happens to be on sale! Prior to this year, I had almost no yellow in my closet, but I'm definitely ready for that to change now. I've linked everything from my outfit below!

       These monogram Jack Rogers were the best graduation gift from my cousin Hilary last year! I got them towards the end of last summer so I'm looking forward to a full summer where I can where them.

Life Update: My Plans For the Summer & Where I'll Be Next Year!

       Summer has just begun and my life has been packed with new and exciting change! But, before I fill you in, let's talk about this adorable, summer outfit! This light-weight, cool top is from Hello Dobson, who I've been following on Instragram for quite a while. Although this is not a sponsored post, I just had to share it with you for many reasons. First, I love supporting small businesses and Hello Dobson is a great company to get behind. I'm also a big fan of summer prints and Hello Dobson offers amazing, stylish prints that are a nice change from the classic Lilly Pulitzer I normally don during the summer. Finally, anyone looking to brighten their summer wardrobe is certain to find just the right wardrobe addition at Hello Dobson.

     But I digress! Living in the northeast can be quite hot and this top is the perfect mate for either shorts or pants, when trying to beat the summer heat! You can clearly see the white jeans accompaning this outfit, but it could also easily be paired with a light-weight demin or chambray pant or even better yet, a fabulous pair of navy shorts!

       The other amazing addition to my wardrobe is this purse! You may recognize it from J. Mclaughlin; the only difference between theirs and mine, the price! As a student, I can justify spending $200 on a leather purse that can be used all year round, but my budget definitely isn't prepared to take a $200 hit for a seasonal, summer purse. That being said, I found this replica on Amazon for only $20! My other outfit accessories include my Ray Bans, and Kendra Scott earrings. Finally, the icing on the cake, my fabulously, versatile Tieks. I find great comfort and style in these comfortable shoes, wheather I choose to drees up or opt for the more casual approach.

      Okay, now it's time for me to catch you up on everything! I've got a busy summer ahead of me (what's new?!) and some even more exciting things happening in the fall. First up, I got an internship for this summer! For those of you that live in the Albany, NY area and would know what it is, I'm interning at Circles in Stuyvesant Plaza. I'm going to be learning all about marketing, merchandising and everything that goes into running your own fashion & beauty store. For those of you that don't know fashion marketing and advertising is my major so this is the perfect fit for me.
       My internship is only 20 hours a week so on top of that, I also have two other jobs. I'm going to continue to lifeguard this summer (I just got recertified!) and also a retail job. This is my third summer lifeguarding and I'm going to guard at the apartment complex that I worked at last year too. My retail job is at the cutest preppy boutique that you should follow on Instagram (@gracieslatham)!

                                                Top // Pants // Purse // Earrings // Shoes

       My favorite news above everything else is the major change happening this fall. This past year I completed my freshman year at SUNY Oneonta which has a 3 + 1 program with the Fashion Insitute of Technology. After weighing a lot of pros and cons it ended up making the most sense for me to transfer early to FIT. So this August I will be moving down to New York City to attend FIT! It was truly bittersweet saying goodbye to Oneonta but I really really can't wait to live in the city.

                                                       Top // Pants // Purse // Earrings // Shoes

       This new chapter in my life has me super excited for a couple of reasons. 1. Amazing blog content! This past year I used to go home on breaks, and every once in a while between breaks if it was a long stretch. When I was at home I would be shooting about 5 different outfits so I could have blog content for the next month. This kinda made going home a little bit of a tiring process and the content wasn't as fresh as I would like it to be when I published the post. Fast fashion is crazy right now and most stores have new styles coming in every couple of weeks. This meant for me a lot of times by the time I posted an outfit it was already low in stock in several of the sizes. I did my best to post similar pieces when this happened but other than that there really wasn't much I could do.

                                                 Top // Pants // Purse // Earrings // Shoes

       2. Classes taught by teachers with experience in the fashion industry. My teachers at Oneonta obviously had experience but most don't have the experience to the extent of the FIT professors. A lot of the teachers work part-time in the fashion industry and also teach at the college. This sounds like the best way to make connections and soak up as much valuable information as possible.

                                                Top // Pants // Purse // Earrings // Shoes

       3. Endless things to do in the city. Despite living 2.5 hours North of New York City I still feel like I have a mile long list of things I want to do in the city. I've never been to the statue of liberty, Brooklyn bridge, the 9/11 museum, etc. Oneonta is pretty much in the middle of nowhere which caused me to be bored constantly. Of course, you can go out at night but during the day the library was pretty much the only option.

                                             Top // Pants // Purse // Earrings // Shoes

       Thank you all for following along on the past year and a half with me! There's no way to make this not sound super cheesy, but I know this is really just the beginning in terms of my blog and career in the fashion industry. As always, I'll keep you all in the loop in terms of my summer and this upcoming school year.
       Don't forget to check out the Hello Dobson website and everything else I'm wearing in this post! Send me a DM if you order anything, I'd love to know!

                                            Top // Pants // Purse // Earrings // Shoes

                                              Top // Pants // Purse // Earrings // Shoes

Vacation Ready Dresses

       Maggy London has released their vacation ready $48 dresses and we all need at least one of these dresses! A huge thank you to London Times for sponsoring this post so I could share these adorable dresses with you all! I did not have an easy time picking out what dresses I wanted to include in this post since they were all so cute. During the colder months of the year, I find myself wearing a lot more neutral colors, but come summertime give me all the bright colors! With that being said this collection was right up my alley. If you're going to be packing for a vacation or just enjoying some warm weather any time soon you should get your hands on one of these dresses!
       The first one I'm sharing with you is this floral pattern. Initially, when I saw this dress it actually reminded of a Tory Burch dress that they sold last year. I really like the pattern in which the flowers are placed on this dress. If you like patterns that are a bit more toned down then this would be a great one for you. I wore my favorite gold heels with both of my dresses. The second dress I included in this post is the colorful sailboat dress. This was actually the first one I picked out since it caught my eye right away. I have a decent amount of dresses in my closet but I don't have any with this particular color combination. FYI both of these dresses run true to size and I'm wearing a size 0.

       Check out these stripes on the bottom of this dress! 

       I tried on this dress with three different pairs of heels I had in my closet. Every one of them looked great and tied in great with the colors in this dress. Although I wouldn't define this dress as neutral colors it definitely will go most things.

I don't know what my baby hairs are doing in this picture, they have a mind of their own! 

       Throw on your favorite statement earrings with these dresses to dress it up or wear some studs to keep it low key.

                                                            Floral dress and sailboat dress

                                                        Floral dress and sailboat dress

Shirt Dress Perfection

        I'm finally back! That was the longest break I've had from blogging in a long time and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't enjoy it! I know I've posted some pictures of this outfit on Instagram, but I still have gotten a couple DMs about where things are from in this outfit so I thought it would still be a good idea to throw a full blog post together for you all. I'm so excited to fully get back into the swing of things and everything I have going on this summer. Per usual, this summer is going to be jam-packed with things. I can't even begin to get into all of it so I think I'm going to save a whole separate post for that.
       As for the outfit... I normally buy pretty much nothing at Forever 21 since it's not my style for the most part and the clothing is just poor quality. This dress will be the exception to this since the price was too good to pass up on. Yep! this dress is under $25 and it's the perfect dress for summer. Is this the BEST dress quality wise I have recommended? No. Keep in mind you're pretty much getting what you're paying for, but it will definitely last me the summer. I have linked this dress and my all time favorite rain boots below for you to shop. Happy summer!