Vacation Ready Dresses

       Maggy London has released their vacation ready $48 dresses and we all need at least one of these dresses! A huge thank you to London Times for sponsoring this post so I could share these adorable dresses with you all! I did not have an easy time picking out what dresses I wanted to include in this post since they were all so cute. During the colder months of the year, I find myself wearing a lot more neutral colors, but come summertime give me all the bright colors! With that being said this collection was right up my alley. If you're going to be packing for a vacation or just enjoying some warm weather any time soon you should get your hands on one of these dresses!
       The first one I'm sharing with you is this floral pattern. Initially, when I saw this dress it actually reminded of a Tory Burch dress that they sold last year. I really like the pattern in which the flowers are placed on this dress. If you like patterns that are a bit more toned down then this would be a great one for you. I wore my favorite gold heels with both of my dresses. The second dress I included in this post is the colorful sailboat dress. This was actually the first one I picked out since it caught my eye right away. I have a decent amount of dresses in my closet but I don't have any with this particular color combination. FYI both of these dresses run true to size and I'm wearing a size 0.

       Check out these stripes on the bottom of this dress! 

       I tried on this dress with three different pairs of heels I had in my closet. Every one of them looked great and tied in great with the colors in this dress. Although I wouldn't define this dress as neutral colors it definitely will go most things.

I don't know what my baby hairs are doing in this picture, they have a mind of their own! 

       Throw on your favorite statement earrings with these dresses to dress it up or wear some studs to keep it low key.

                                                            Floral dress and sailboat dress

                                                        Floral dress and sailboat dress

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  1. Both designs are perfect. They both can work as summer outfits along with spring outfits. Nice job she has done with the designs.

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