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       Summer is in full swing (for me at least)! My favorite thing about having a couple jobs this summer is that I get to make new outfits all the time. Last summer, I lifeguarded 95% of the time which left me wearing a one-piece bathing suit and athletic clothes over it every day. But since this year I also have my internship and a retail job I get to wear real clothes. This makes justifying new clothing (like this dress!) purchases an easy task.

       I took these pictures right after we had dinner so it was starting to get a little bit chilly out. I just like to throw my jean jacket over pretty much everything over the summer at night time to keep warm. Every girl should have a jean jacket!

       When this dress first caught my eye I didn't even realize it had a low back like this. The fun back, of course, made me love it even more. With the way this dress fit me, I was able to get away with no bra. I think if I were wearing this for a long day though I would definitely wear a sticky bra just to make sure everything is secure lol.

       As a result of the tragic news regarding Kate Spade's death two days ago, it only felt right to have a Kate Spade clutch and earrings with this outfit. She has genuinely been my favorite designer for years and always an inspiration to live a happy and colorful life. If you or someone you know have considered suicide, there is help available! Never, ever, feel ashamed in reaching out for help and if you have no one to talk to you could always message me.

       You already know the drill about Jack Rogers... the best summer shoe!

       For the past couple of weeks, I've worn my Fitbit and these two bracelets every day. I love how the two bracelets make the Fitbit just blend in. The band on my Fitbit right now is less than $10!

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