June Favorites 2018

The Instagram poll has spoken, which ruled that you all would prefer to read my June favorites as a blog post rather than a video. Although it only won by 1% LOL, I, of course, want to give you all that you want! Since the poll was so close I think I'm gonna give a go at the whole video thing for my July favorites and see how you all like that. I'll be home for the entirety of July which will hopefully allow for some pre-planning in terms of the video and editing it. I'm the definition of a newbie when it comes to that. But, you gotta start somewhere!
       Better late than never, right?! I've been attempting to get back into a routine after being away on vacation for a week. So please forgive me for my delayed post. June was my first full month back home since wrapping up my freshman year of college. It has also been crazy busy (going on vacation was the only days off I had all month!) hence a wee bit of difficulty getting my feet back under me. As you all know I have my internship and two jobs which keep me quite occupied. Also, within the last two weeks or so I have been getting more news about moving in to FIT this August which is going to call for a great deal of preparation.
       Throughout the course of the month, I have had the opportunity to try out a good amount of new products. Since a great deal of them became hits in my book it only felt right to share them all with you. I'd love for you guys to comment what your June favorites are so I have some more new products to try out!

1. The Crown- Per usual, Netflix is killing it with their original series. The Crown follows young Queen Elizabeth through all the challenges she faced as a young woman trying to run a country. Now let me tell you, prior to even watching this show I respected the hell out of Queen Elizabeth. The respect has reached a whole new level now. I have a slight obsession with the royal family and I seriously love learning anything I can about them, so naturally, this show was a perfect fit. Even if that's not the case for you I think this show would appeal to such a wide audience. If you're tired of re-watching One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, etc. give this show a go. I don't think you'll be let down. 

2. Daniel Wellington Watch- This past month Daniel Wellington has graciously sent me blah watch and the red white and blue watch band. BTW, this is NOT sponsored at all I just really have been loving this. The other one I own is a bit larger and I like the petite look of this one better on my wrist. I have a small wrist which makes it hard to find watches that don't look dumb (for lack of a better word) on my wrist. This has met my criteria perfectly and it's an undeniably classic piece.

3. Pop Chips- Yum yum yum in my tum. I have been reunited with one of my favorite snacks this past month. I'm really not a huge potato chips type of gal. I much prefer pop chips because they don't leave me feeling kind of gross and they taste sooooo good. My favorites are the traditional sea salt and barbeque. We had these all week on vacation and now that we're home, I haven't stopped! We ordered the individual snack bags of them online which has made it a breeze to include them in my lunches almost every day. 

4. Watermelon- As I like to say, watermelon is simply the fruit of the summer! Almost every time summer rolls around I become equally obsessed with this amazing fruit. It's just so refreshing and I love bringing it to lifeguarding with me. You should see what I want as my birthday cake this year...

5. Self Tannning Drops- If you follow along with my Instagram stories you probably have already heard me rave about this product. I mix 4 drops of this oil with my moisturizer every night to give my face a little tan. I don't tan the rest of my body during the summer, but for some reason, my face never gets as tan as the rest of my body and it drives me crazy. This product has made me never second guess going makeup-free anymore. I would also like to add I think it is worth every single penny. Since you only use a couple drops every day it will last a lot longer than the rest of your products traditionally do. 

6. Brazilian Bumbum Cream- Not a new favorite, but just like the watermelon this is something I always have during the summer months. I use it a decent amount during the winter as well since it is so hydrating. The best way I can describe the way it smells is by saying it reminds me of summer. Not in a sunscreen kind of way though!

7. Dew The Hula- If you haven't heard of Dew The Hula, first of all, you're welcome! Second of all, this is a liquid bronzer that I apply using a Real Techniques buffing brush. I always look forward to the time of year where this product actually matches my skin tone. If you haven't noticed from Instagram, I get super dark over the summer due to my Italian genes. I opt out of foundation 99.9% when this product matches me because it's really all I need in terms of coverage. 

8. New camera- WOOT WOOT! My wonderful wonderful parents got me the Canon G7x as a kickstart to creating some video content. I love my Nikon d5500 which is what I use to shoot all my pictures. The only downside is that it doesn't have autofocus in a video which would create a lot of challenges for me while filming. By the end of the summer, I should have my Youtube channel up in running with a couple videos. This has been something I've considered for a while now and the perfect way to show you everything coming up for me this school year.

9. Leave Your Mark- I don't know how to type this and not have it sound weird, so here goes nothing! I have never had a stronger urge to create a book club than when reading this book. Leave Your Mark is written by Aliza who is kind enough to take us through all the lessons she has learned in her career and essentially becoming your mentor in paper form. Aliza was on her way to becoming a surgeon when she realized what she really wanted was a career in the fashion industry. Doing a complete 180 like this is not a small task and she has oodles of stories to teach us all some lessons. I recommend this to literally everyone around my age. Even if you don't want a career in fashion so much of this could still be applied to your career. 

10. Drunk Elephant Night Serum- For over a year now I have been using and love the Drunk Elephant vitamin C morning serum so I thought it was about time to invest in the night serum as well. I've been spending a lot more money on skincare rather than makeup lately in hopes this will help my skin not completely freak out on me when I move to New York City this fall. The night serum really has not disappointed. I don't think the texture of my skin has ever been this good because of the combination of products I've been using. I get that this product is really expensive and I'll be honest, you don't need it. It has really changed my skin for the better, but on the other hand, unless you're struggling with your skin lately I'm not sure it is worth the investment. 

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