My Love/Hate Relationship With Linen

       It seems like almost every summer I end up with a new linen dress that I have a very complicated relationship with. On one hand it's adorable and I'm completely obsessed and on the other hand, I'm a wrinkled mess after a couple of hours and I sort of look like I just got out of bed. Yet here I am with this stripe and pom pom combo to show you all. You may be thinking to yourself "Morgan, you're literally crazy this dress looks perfectly pressed to me." But I actually drove to my picture destination and then changed in the back of the car so I could be relatively wrinkle-free (#justbloggerthingslol).
       I will say though that this dress stays more wrinkle free than the average linen dress. I think it's because it also has a built-in slip dress which also makes it comfortable. The tie on both of the shoulders come on doing so you can adjust it to be the right length for you. I'm wearing a size XS for reference.

       Okay, now it's time to talk about this ADORABLE bag. If you haven't heard of Crab and Cleek yet, I'm about to make you fall in love. Think of all things New England and preppy mixed with a classic canvas bag perfect for everyday use. Crab and Cleek are based out of Alexandria, VA. Along with their adorable canvas totes they also sell some clothing, shoe bags, travel kits, and wristlets. This lobster bag caught my eye right away on the website and I knew I had to have it. You can also get your bag monogrammed on the website!

       This was one of the first times I curled my hair since getting it cut and it felt so weird! I used the Bumble sea salt on my hair before curling it (one of my favorite tricks) and it helps the curls stay in for so long.


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