Wear It 3 Ways: KJP Polo Dress

  Hello, and welcome to my new series of blog posts titled "how to wear it 3 ways!" This new KJP anchor polo dress immediately caught my eye when it was released about two weeks ago and I knew it would be the perfect first post for this series. In all honesty, it wasn't an easy task to narrow this down to three looks just because I felt like I had so many great options. I'll be sure to share some more ways I wear this down the road on my Instagram though! 
      The way I'm able to refrain from repeating outfits too often is by filling my closet with essential/ basic pieces such as this dress and then building off of them to create a bunch of different looks.  At first, I was just going to show you 3 ways to style this for summer. After doing some thinking I did away with that idea since I really see myself wearing it this fall as well. So I did one summer look and two transitional looks. If you try any of these outs I'd love to see!
       This dress is made of lightweight cotton, comes in 5 different color (navy, white, green, light pink, and light blue), and is under $100! I decided on the green color because I already have so much navy in my closet and it looked so pretty on Instagram. P.S. If you're a sucker for some cute packaging you would love how this dress was packaged up.
      The fit: I'm wearing a size XS dress and I am 5' 5" for reference. I generally wear an XS in all dresses so this was very true to size. The length was also perfect for me. I don't like dresses super short or super long so I thought this was a good happy medium. 

       First up we have an outfit perfectly suited for those hot days where you don't even want to think about putting together an outfit. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear a scarf like this in my hair and then just a super basic dress. It's my favorite way to look really put together even though it took about 30 seconds to put the outfit together.

       How gorgeous are these flowers? I love this little stand that's outside a farm not too far from my house! In the fall it is filled with little pumpkins and gourds which is also great for snapping some Instagram pics.

       I traded in my Jacks for the day and instead went for my favorite gold flats from Tieks. If you need a comfortable pair of ballet flats (like city walking comfortable!) I highly recommend Tieks. They all have the cutest blue bottom which is their signature.

       I should really start switching up these bracelets LOL, but they just go with everything and I don't have to think about it! Both of the bangles are from J. Crew and I wear my Fitbit with my rose gold band that I got from Amazon.

      Look #2 woohoo! I wear sweaters over dresses and tops a ton towards the end of summer and fall. It can be pretty warm during the days still but the temperature tends to drop a lot once the sun starts to set. So when it gets cooler I usually put the sweater on normally which also looks really cute because the collar still sticks out.

       New purchase alert! Meet my new babies, my Celine sunglasses! I've been wanting a new, nice pair of sunglasses for a while. I wanted to try something other than Ray-Bans and Celine came to mind as the perfect upgrade from that. This pair of sunglasses feels the most grown up to me out of all of mine. I find they really elevate an outfit too that can sometimes be boring without them. I see myself wearing these almost every single day in the city this upcoming year. I'll certainly be getting their money's worth.

       Even though I was sweating bullets while I photographed this particular outfit I really wanted to demonstrate how this dress could be perfect for the changing of the seasons, not just the summer. My favorite peep-toe booties and jean jacket paired perfectly with the dress while the pink sunglasses added some more fun color to it.

       Up until recently I never popped the color of my jackets. This summer I've started and I really think it adds a fun element to it. The jean jacket is by no means dressing this up, but when the nights start to get cooler it's the perfect thing to throw on.

       This outfit actually ended up being my favorite of them all and almost made me wish for some cooler weather. These pink sunglasses have a similar shape to the Celine sunglasses I have. So if you liked the Celine pair but are hoping for something cheaper you should take a look at these! They also come in some other colors.

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