Where To Buy "Trendy" Clothes

       Since I talked about all my essential wardrobe pieces in my last post it only felt natural to now talk about the more trendy side of my closet. Whenever I buy things that I think are trendy or I only want to wear a couple of times I shop at Shein. I have gotten some really fun pieces from here and it's where I buy all my "going out clothes." The prices are significantly better than Forever 21 and Zara in my opinion. I'm so sad this dress is sold out but I found a bunch of similar ones!

       I’m all about quality over quantity, for the most part, however, the price per wear of something like this from Shopbop would be a major flop for me. There are only so many ways a dress like this can be styled and I would also freeze my tush off in the winter if I wore this. I will say though I tried this on with one of my J. Crew tissue turtlenecks which looked super cute!

       I first started to order from this site my senior year in high school. Back then it would take a solid month for a lot of things to arrive at my house. In the last couple of years, their shipping has gotten so much better. I usually get things in about a week now! They also have a pretty traditional return policy. The only things you can’t return is bathing suits and body suits (for obvious reasons).

       I HIGHLY recommend reading the reviews of clothing if there are any. The sizing is consistent for the most part but since it is made in Asia sometimes it is a little off. If you’re using the app you can get points by reviewing the clothing you get so a lot more people leave reviews than the average website. The only thing that has been really weird sizing is bathing suits which all ran super duper small.

       I wore my Talbots booties with this dress which have been getting more and more comfortable as I’ve worn them! I wanted to try out a new handbag brand recently so I got this Zac Posen bag from Rent The Runway. It also comes with leather straps to convert it into a backpack!

       My first pair of Kendra Scott earrings I ever got! I recently went to the new store in Soho and got the matching necklace that goes with it. The rose quartz is such a light pink that it’s really just a neutral color that I can pair with anything.

Do I Repeat Outfits?

       It's fall y'all! In between chowing down on some apple cider doughnuts I snapped some pictures so I could share this outfit with you guys. It consists of my favorite fall classics with one new piece.

       On a very different note, I actually got super busy and wasn't able to answer all of your questions on the "ask me a question!" feauture for Instagram stories a couple days ago so I wanted to address one of them now. The question was something along the lines of "do you repeat outfits?" The answer to this is yes and no so I'm going to use this post as a break down of my answer.

       I would say it is pretty rare that I repeat outfits and basically never if I know I'm going to be in pictures. I use my blog as a way to share outfits ideas for all of you so I just don't think you would get anything out of seeing me in the same outfit more than once. After publishing a blog post or Instagram post I will wear that outfit again or all of the same pieces you just usually don't see it.

       So I usually don't repeat outfits, BUT I wear the same pieces of clothing over and over again. I just style them differently. For example: Does this sweater look familiar? I just wore it in this blog post! I don't think the average reader would notice this most of the time.

       This is also the reason I always talk about the importance of buying good staple pieces for your closet. They are the base of most of my outfits! As a college student, I can't afford a trendy sweater that's $75. Usually, these trendy pieces are out of style within a year and are difficult to wear in different ways. But spending $75 on a sweater that you'll wear a countless amount of times over the next couple of years makes a lot more sense. Before I came to this realization I would buy cheap clothing that would fall apart. I didn't like to spend the extra money even though I really spent more in the long run.

       With all of that being said, the only new piece of clothing in this outfit is this vest! The rest of the clothing and accessories were things I already owned. LL Bean had a similar vest to this last year which I loved I just never bite the bullet and bought it. I know Patagonia makes a super similar vest to this that I’ve seen. I liked to shop at LL Bean whenever possible since there return policy for if anything breaks are SO good. I’m wearing a size XS for reference.

Back To Blogging!

  Hello beautiful people! I'm back, and boy does it feel good to be writing like this again. I haven't been altogether gone, I've been giving lots of love to my Instagram! I just have barely done full blog posts since being at school. No excuses or anything. I've just been settling into my new city and taking every opportunity I can to go out and explore.
       I've had this outfit in my drafts for a couple weeks so I thought it was about time to share this outfit since the weather is starting to cool down. I love this outfit for 1 main reason. You could just get a cute skirt like this and then just create the rest of the outfit with clothes you already have. I think you guys must have seen me in this jacket about 100 times and these shoes made a couple appearances on the blog last fall.

       Okay back to the fun stuff, AKA all about NYC. Even though I took a short break I'm thrilled about how much easier blogging is going to be this year.  I know I've talked about how last year I would have to shoot like 6 outfits when I was home for a weekend and then I spaced it out over the next couple of weeks while I was at school. This was for a lot of reasons including: Not the best location for pictures, no one to take them (anyone can take iPhone pics, I mean with a DSLR), and everyone dressed down EVERY day. I didn't even bring about half of my clothes last year. If you wore basically anything but athleisure someone would ask why you were dressed up.

      Other than NYC having endless places to take pictures, I have also had the pleasure to meet a lot of fellow bloggers! Really can't express how awesome this has been for me. I have always liked that what I do as a blogger is unique but it also leads to constantly explaining what you do to other people.  Explaining what I do to do people isn't why I'm excited about having other blogger friends though. It's just so nice having other people who understand. I can always talk to my friends and family at home, but I try my best not to bore people with it all. The last reason is for taking pics! Everything feels so much more natural when you're all getting your picture taken. I'm normally the one holding up a group because I asked someone to stop and take my picture LOL.

       I also think a lot of people are getting the impression that I'm a freshman this year since you didn't really see me post at college last year. I'm actually a sophomore this year. I'm thinking of writing a whole blog post about transferring schools and other questions you guys have invoving that topic. I know it's scary to start all over again, on top of the fact that no one wants to do the whole college application process all over again!

       So other than just posting a little more frequently, I don't think anything is going to change in terms of me blogging! The goal would be to get back into doing a new post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also depending on how much interest I have from you guys I would love to talk more about all things beauty. I've always been pretty into makeup, skincare, and all that fun stuff even though the blog is mostly fashion.

I know this post was a little all over the place. I just wanted to update you all so you know what to expect for this upcoming year. As always if you have any questions feel free to comment or DM me. Thank you for reading!!

Fall Classics with Talbots

       This is the official start of all things fall over on morganrose-blog.com! I have more plans than all the years in the past to produce the best content for you guys. Although this is my first time not being Upstate during this time of year I was able to take these pictures when I was home one weekend at my favorite fall themed place.

       I'm so thrilled I get to share Talbot's fall classics with you all! I think we all know how I'm obsessed with building all of my outfits off good foundational pieces so I can make dozens of outfits. Talbots has ten fall classics that you can choose from. I went with the Audrey Cashmere Sweater in the color ivory. The cut of this sweater is super flattering on everyone and certainly has that ultra-feminine feel that I love.

       On top of my amazingly soft sweater, I'm wearing Talbots quilted long coat in the color bay leaf. I adore this shade of green in the fall time. It's seriously one of my fall neutral colors since I rarely find outfits it doesn't match. I'm wearing an XS which fit great, even with a thicker sweater on underneath! In case you weren't already sold, the inside of it is navy gingham!

       I think the fact that I finally feel responsible enough to be wearing a cashmere sweater really shows I'm getting better at this whole adulting thing. In the past, I have killed a couple sweaters by putting them in the dryer by accident, so for a while there I stopped buying cashmere sweaters! As I am getting older I think it is important to be buying more classic pieces like this instead of poor quality sweaters every year that are ruined by the end of the fall. If you get yourself a little tool to get rid of lint on sweaters this could last you for years and years!

Sweater // Jacket // Boots

       For some reason, as I have gotten older I find myself gravitating towards longer coats. In my opinion, I think they look even more put together while also giving you some extra warmth. I'm constantly freezing and the extra length really makes a difference. This is a lighter coat making it perfect for this transitional season we are in. P.S. Check out that gingham on the inside of the coat! I'm obsessed.

Sweater // Jacket // Boots

       Let's talk shoes! Dress 'em up or dress 'em down was what I thought when I picked these adorable booties out. They also come in black if that is more your style! I would recommend going up half a size in these so they are as comfortable as possible.
       I'm really was never into heels until more recently (mostly did not trust myself to not break an ankle). But I will say the 2 3/4" heel was super manageable and I forgot I even had heels on after a little while. The gold detailing on the edge of the heel is what originally caught my eye on these shoes and really sold me. Definitely, another fall must have!

Sweater // Jacket // Boots

Sweater // Jacket // Boots

Sweater // Jacket // Boots

Another huge thank you to Talbots for sponsoring this post! Make sure to tag me in your Instagram pictures of you in your fall classics and include the hashtags #talbots and #classicmodernstyle

Sweater // Jacket // Boots