Back To Blogging!

  Hello beautiful people! I'm back, and boy does it feel good to be writing like this again. I haven't been altogether gone, I've been giving lots of love to my Instagram! I just have barely done full blog posts since being at school. No excuses or anything. I've just been settling into my new city and taking every opportunity I can to go out and explore.
       I've had this outfit in my drafts for a couple weeks so I thought it was about time to share this outfit since the weather is starting to cool down. I love this outfit for 1 main reason. You could just get a cute skirt like this and then just create the rest of the outfit with clothes you already have. I think you guys must have seen me in this jacket about 100 times and these shoes made a couple appearances on the blog last fall.

       Okay back to the fun stuff, AKA all about NYC. Even though I took a short break I'm thrilled about how much easier blogging is going to be this year.  I know I've talked about how last year I would have to shoot like 6 outfits when I was home for a weekend and then I spaced it out over the next couple of weeks while I was at school. This was for a lot of reasons including: Not the best location for pictures, no one to take them (anyone can take iPhone pics, I mean with a DSLR), and everyone dressed down EVERY day. I didn't even bring about half of my clothes last year. If you wore basically anything but athleisure someone would ask why you were dressed up.

      Other than NYC having endless places to take pictures, I have also had the pleasure to meet a lot of fellow bloggers! Really can't express how awesome this has been for me. I have always liked that what I do as a blogger is unique but it also leads to constantly explaining what you do to other people.  Explaining what I do to do people isn't why I'm excited about having other blogger friends though. It's just so nice having other people who understand. I can always talk to my friends and family at home, but I try my best not to bore people with it all. The last reason is for taking pics! Everything feels so much more natural when you're all getting your picture taken. I'm normally the one holding up a group because I asked someone to stop and take my picture LOL.

       I also think a lot of people are getting the impression that I'm a freshman this year since you didn't really see me post at college last year. I'm actually a sophomore this year. I'm thinking of writing a whole blog post about transferring schools and other questions you guys have invoving that topic. I know it's scary to start all over again, on top of the fact that no one wants to do the whole college application process all over again!

       So other than just posting a little more frequently, I don't think anything is going to change in terms of me blogging! The goal would be to get back into doing a new post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also depending on how much interest I have from you guys I would love to talk more about all things beauty. I've always been pretty into makeup, skincare, and all that fun stuff even though the blog is mostly fashion.

I know this post was a little all over the place. I just wanted to update you all so you know what to expect for this upcoming year. As always if you have any questions feel free to comment or DM me. Thank you for reading!!

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