Do I Repeat Outfits?

       It's fall y'all! In between chowing down on some apple cider doughnuts I snapped some pictures so I could share this outfit with you guys. It consists of my favorite fall classics with one new piece.

       On a very different note, I actually got super busy and wasn't able to answer all of your questions on the "ask me a question!" feauture for Instagram stories a couple days ago so I wanted to address one of them now. The question was something along the lines of "do you repeat outfits?" The answer to this is yes and no so I'm going to use this post as a break down of my answer.

       I would say it is pretty rare that I repeat outfits and basically never if I know I'm going to be in pictures. I use my blog as a way to share outfits ideas for all of you so I just don't think you would get anything out of seeing me in the same outfit more than once. After publishing a blog post or Instagram post I will wear that outfit again or all of the same pieces you just usually don't see it.

       So I usually don't repeat outfits, BUT I wear the same pieces of clothing over and over again. I just style them differently. For example: Does this sweater look familiar? I just wore it in this blog post! I don't think the average reader would notice this most of the time.

       This is also the reason I always talk about the importance of buying good staple pieces for your closet. They are the base of most of my outfits! As a college student, I can't afford a trendy sweater that's $75. Usually, these trendy pieces are out of style within a year and are difficult to wear in different ways. But spending $75 on a sweater that you'll wear a countless amount of times over the next couple of years makes a lot more sense. Before I came to this realization I would buy cheap clothing that would fall apart. I didn't like to spend the extra money even though I really spent more in the long run.

       With all of that being said, the only new piece of clothing in this outfit is this vest! The rest of the clothing and accessories were things I already owned. LL Bean had a similar vest to this last year which I loved I just never bite the bullet and bought it. I know Patagonia makes a super similar vest to this that I’ve seen. I liked to shop at LL Bean whenever possible since there return policy for if anything breaks are SO good. I’m wearing a size XS for reference.

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