Where To Buy "Trendy" Clothes

       Since I talked about all my essential wardrobe pieces in my last post it only felt natural to now talk about the more trendy side of my closet. Whenever I buy things that I think are trendy or I only want to wear a couple of times I shop at Shein. I have gotten some really fun pieces from here and it's where I buy all my "going out clothes." The prices are significantly better than Forever 21 and Zara in my opinion. I'm so sad this dress is sold out but I found a bunch of similar ones!

       I’m all about quality over quantity, for the most part, however, the price per wear of something like this from Shopbop would be a major flop for me. There are only so many ways a dress like this can be styled and I would also freeze my tush off in the winter if I wore this. I will say though I tried this on with one of my J. Crew tissue turtlenecks which looked super cute!

       I first started to order from this site my senior year in high school. Back then it would take a solid month for a lot of things to arrive at my house. In the last couple of years, their shipping has gotten so much better. I usually get things in about a week now! They also have a pretty traditional return policy. The only things you can’t return is bathing suits and body suits (for obvious reasons).

       I HIGHLY recommend reading the reviews of clothing if there are any. The sizing is consistent for the most part but since it is made in Asia sometimes it is a little off. If you’re using the app you can get points by reviewing the clothing you get so a lot more people leave reviews than the average website. The only thing that has been really weird sizing is bathing suits which all ran super duper small.

       I wore my Talbots booties with this dress which have been getting more and more comfortable as I’ve worn them! I wanted to try out a new handbag brand recently so I got this Zac Posen bag from Rent The Runway. It also comes with leather straps to convert it into a backpack!

       My first pair of Kendra Scott earrings I ever got! I recently went to the new store in Soho and got the matching necklace that goes with it. The rose quartz is such a light pink that it’s really just a neutral color that I can pair with anything.

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