Dunkin's New Espresso

 I've got good news for all my coffee lovers out there... Dunkin' has officially released its espresso! This means lots of cappuccinos and lattes coming your way. As you guys saw I was over at Tasty's headquarters a couple weeks back, which was a huge Dunksgiving celebration where we were all able to try the new espresso, make coffee scented candles, get your face on a latte, and enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. I shared a bunch of pictures and videos of this on my Instagram story. To make sure you never miss anything, follow me @morganroseblog!

I've always been a coffee lover, so you can only imagine how excited I was to experience all of this. After having a couple of snacks at the event, I moved over to the station where you could make your own candles. I chose the scents vanilla and espresso, and it even had coffee beans in the bottom of it! I burned through the whole thing in less than a week since I burned it whenever I was in my room (I couldn’t resist!). Then we moved onto my favorite part of the whole event which was the latte art. Michael Breach (barista) is a coffee artist from Brooklyn who is on tour right now with Dunkin’ to promote the new espresso! He would take a picture of you on his iPad and then put your face on the top of your latte. These lattes were, of course, made with the new espresso which did not disappoint. It was smooth and not at all bitter which is all I could ever want.

After all this fun stuff we got to hear from the people that perfected this new espresso. This has been in the works for a full year and took plenty of trial and error. Every Dunkin’ store is getting upgraded equipment in order for the consistent intensity and flavor that is desired. All the stores will also be getting adorable orange cups for the drinks. Send me a DM on Instagram if you try a latte!

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