How To Wear Lilly Pulitzer Into The Fall

Packing away my Lilly Pulitzer when the temperature drops have to be one of the saddest things. I love wearing bright colors, but most I would be freezing in some of my stuff I have. The past two years I have experimented with a bunch of outfits that involve Lilly and also a little bit more chilly weather. I think I have finally perfected the formula to extend the life of some of my favorites!

First things first, this formula does not work on everything (sorry!). The first prints to get packed away for me are usually ones that involve seashells, mermaids, or really anything that screams summer. Then the more bright prints have to go. Those are usually the hot pink, yellow, orange, etc. The darker toned prints are going to be the ones that will look good with the rest of your winter clothes.

Once you have a piece with a darker print (like this skirt I am wearing!) it's time for some layering. I keep the rest of my outfit neutral colors so my skirt is still the focus of the outfit. I'm wearing my favorite cream colored 3/4 length sweater tucked into this skirt. Navy would also be a great option. I just stuck with the cream since I was throwing on a navy coat over top of it.

My beloved jacks get traded in for my trustee pair of penny loafers so my toes can stay warm. I'm also a huge fan of a good pair of nude tights! They can really make a difference during times you're walking outside (AKA me walking back and forth to the subway).

My accessories are also toned down (for me at least). The #1 point I want to stress is to just let the Lilly be the center of the outfit. Some studs and a bow in my hair was all I needed!

Lastly, add a neutral jacket over top of your outfit! I love this classic navy jacket I got from Rent The Runway. The jacket compliments the navy that is already in the skirt and makes it more "fallish."

My other favorite thing to wear in the fall is my favorite popovers with jeans and a vest! A cream or navy vest should match almost every popover color.

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