Lilly Pulitzer Sale Winter 2019

As I'm sure you all know the Lilly Pulitzer sale started today! I shared some of my past purchases that are now on sale and my other favorites over on my Instagram story. But, I wanted to do a full post of all my favorites! The selection and prices are amazing this year so you better act fast. Also, remember to check back every once in a while as more styles and patterns get added.

What I Use To Keep My Skin Moisturized

I thought it was time I told you guys about all the products that I use to keep my skin moisturized during the winter time. I've lived in New York my entire life, which means I am no stranger to freezing winter. Most of the year is cold!

Just for some background; I have super sensitive skin which stupidly took me a little bit of time to figure out. In middle school, it was a bit of a travesty that I was allergic to all lotions from Bath and Body Works. They seriously all give me hives. Nowawadys I just stick to the Bath and Body Works hand soap and the candles in my room. So the first step to keeping my skin moisturized and healthy was cutting out all the super-scented stuff. This included lotions, body washes, etc.

I should also mention that I not only have super sensitive skin, but I also get excema pretty much every winter. The eczema got so bad about three years ago that I was prescribed cream from my doctor. Before I had this I used hydrocortisone cream which also works great if it's not terrible eczema. I still use cortisone cream if the eczema isn't terrible or I think it's coming on so my body doesn't become too used to the prescription cream. Putting on lotion every single day without fail is the #1 thing I can do for myself to prevent eczema. This helps with dryness (obviously) which prevents it from becoming itchy. Before I discovered all of these products I would continue to wear long sleeves into the springtime to cover and excema pr red dry skin becuase I was so embaressed. So if I could help anyone else with this problem I would love to! This brings us into my first product recommendation!

1. Cetaphil body cream: This is what I use after the shower every day! I personally like the thicker cream in a jar. Although I do switch over to the traditional pump lotion a lot in the summer. It is unscented and pretty much as simple as you can get. Cetaphil is super affordable from the drugstore. I usually just get mine from Walmart or Amazon.

2. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Philosophy Almond and Cream Body Lotion: I sometimes still can't resist trying some scented lotions just because they smell soooo good and I have found that I'm actually not allergic to Brazilian bum bum cream (the most amazing scented lotion) and Philosophy's Almond and cream body lotion. I try to only use this if I have zero eczema at the time just in case of any irritation.

3. First Aid Beauty Cleanser: Good face wash that doesn't suck all the moisture out of your skin is also hugely important. I use the FAB cleanser every night with my Clarisonic. The Clarisonic removes all the dead skin cells on my face and neck so any moisturizer can really lock in.

4. Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream: This is the best face lotion I have ever used! It keeps my face feeling moisturized all day and helps with any dry patches. The pump in the lotion keeps it hypoallergenic so you're not dipping your fingers into it all day.

5. Mario Badescu Rose Water & Tatcha Skin Mist: If my face ever feels dry mid-day when I have makeup on I love spraying it with one of these two. I also use it before I put on my makeup.

I think this covers all my go-to products for you guys by now! If you have any product recommendations I would love to hear what you guys use for sensitive skin. Leave a comment!