Bathroom Update With The Home Depot

All this free time during quarantine has led to lots of time spent on Pinterest and Tik Tok. Which brings us to today’s post with The Home Depot! I’ve been looking for new white bath towels for my bathroom for quite some time now. I like them to be white so they look nice sitting out, and they need to be thick. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find great quality with a great price tag! These StyleWell towels from The Home Depot fit the bill. They’re sold as a pair for $17, and come in four other colors as well. I really liked the washed denim color as well, but since I knew I was going to have these folded on the bathroom counter I went with white

So how does Tik Tok have anything to do with this?? Let me tell you… The sweetest housekeeper, Vanesa, shared a video on how to fold your towels like they do at a spa. As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed to do the same. I’m not the only one either! There were people unfolding every single towel in their houses to refold like this. Folding the towels like this actually became decor in my space. I’d also recommend this technique if you want to stick them in your linen closet or cabinets. It’s actually super quick once you get the hang of it!

Prior to covid, I would have thought I’d be decorating a New York City apartment and getting ready for in person classes at this time. Instead I’ve been at home the past 6 months and I’m just trying to make the most of it! One positive is there’s definitely a lot more space to work with ;) But seriously, you would be shocked how little additions like this can change your space for the better.

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